How to apply for Net Metering

  1. The Applicant has to obtain the Net-Metering Application form from the State Electricity Department through the Nodal officer cum Executive Engineer VII , Electricity Department.
  2. The Net-Metering application has to be filled by the applicant and submitted to EE VII.
  3. The O & M, Electricity Department belongs to the project site will inspect the installed Solar power plant site and they will submit a field report to their main office.
  4. On receipt of the above, the State Electricity department (main office), Puducherry will inspect the installations carried out by the applicant as per the following guidelines of Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission, Haryana.
    1. A double pole/Triple pole with neutral isolating switch should be installed with lock provision at the site .
    2. The Synchronization point of Solar power with Electricity Grid should be made as before the distribution panel of the consumer.
    3. A line diagram for the proposed Solar power plant should be furnished.
  5. On satisfy the above conditions, the applicant has to procure Energy meters from outside market for Solar monitoring and Bi-directional meter for import and export monitoring with necessary test certificate of manufacturer.
  6. The procured Energy meters are to be handed over to concerned Assistant Engineer for testing of Energy meters.
  7. The Assistant Engineer, Electricity Department will forward the same through the O & M, Junior Engineer to LTM section Assistant Engineer , Electricity Department, Puducherry.
  8. The applicant has to pay Rs.50/KW as Net – Metering application processing fee to the Electricity Department, Puducherry.
  9. On final, the approval for the synchronization will be intimated to the applicant and they will ask to submit a Project completion report from the installer.
  10. On successful submission of the above, the Electricity Department will intimate the date of synchronization to the applicant and necessary power purchase agreement between the applicant and State DISCOM will be executed.